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Vikki has an incredible talent for making wearable art. She sources and creates exquisite focal pieces and then uses fibers, textiles, and beading, braiding, and weaving techniques to complete them. She constantly hones her craft to produce gorgeous jewelry and accessories that are wearable, accessible, yet lovely and unique, and are sure to make a statement. 

Emily, Vail Realty
Illustrated Flower

For the past three years, Vikki’s jewelry has been my “go-to” Christmas present for the four women for whom I buy gifts.  The work is beautiful.  The items are one of a kind - you won’t see the piece on anyone else.


Vikki takes the time to give information about each piece on her tag.  It may be information about the stone, the braiding or the beads used in that unique piece.  

 Vikki is very talented and performs the intricate work of Japanese braiding with perfection.


I look forward to seeing her work again this Fall when I start the hunt for individual gifts.

Erin Boomer


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